AdTech Innovation

On The Blockchain was launched with the vision to reward people for their knowledge. The data accumulated via engagement in the Knowledge Ecosystem will subsequently form the KnowledgeScore. Never before have advertisers and marketers been able to target audiences based upon immutable competency ratings generated from their online engagements.

The Knowledge Ecosystem


KnowledgeAds is our Adtech platform where digital advertising campaigns can be deployed across our growing Ad Network, and managed from a simple web based interface. KnowledgeAds Features a unique response based ad creative called Q&Ads, in addition to traditional display and rich media ad types.

Trivia Spar

Trivia Spar is’s first mobile trivia app with over 19 million trivia questions from data sources such as TiVo and Oxford University Press. Quiz responses are stored on the blockchain in the form of the KnowledgeScore which determines a user’s objective understanding on a variety of topics, products and services.

Knowledge Marketplace

The Knowledge Marketplace is an upcoming ecommerce website where retail products can be purchased using KNW Token, Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD. The Marketplace will be integrated with Knowledge Ads, giving advertisers the opportunity to list retail products on the marketplace using our marketplace builder.


The KnowledgeBot is a trivia quiz bot for Telegram groups & channels, with auto messaging and scheduling capabilities all managed from a simple web based dashboard. The KnowledgeBot gives participating groups the opportunity to reward KNW Token to winners, as well as their own ERC-20 or Waves-NG tokens.

The KnowledgeScore

The heart of the Knowledge Ecosystem is our innovative method of competency rating called the KnowledgeScore. A brand new way for people to prove what they know by answering questions, and have them verified and recorded using blockchain technology. Our technology will be able to deliver those questions to millions of users through our ecosystem, and partner apps.

Knowledge Score Overview

A Growing Ecosystem

Our partner relationships are growing rapidly. Currently we are partnered with Gaming Grids, Coinomi, Tivo and IKL.

The KNW Token

A Network Utility Token That Can Be Utilized Across The Knowledge Ecosystem

  • Buy advertising on our Q&Ads Platform
  • Buy products in our Marketplace using KNW’s
  • Earn tokens in our Partner App – TriviaSpar

*KNW Token is a network utility token, not a speculative instrument. We do not endorse or comment on any usage of our token outside of it’s intended ecosystem.

Ecosystem Roadmap

Q1 2018

Q&Ads V1.0, Marketplace Consumer Interface, Marketplace Sellers Interface

Q2 & Q3 2018

Marketplace Dropshipper Integration, Q&Ads Generator, Knowledge Ads 2.0, Knowledge Graph, KnowledgeScore

Q4 2018 & Q1 2019

Knowledge Stars, Knowledge Ads 3.0, Q&Ads Auction Buying Model, RTB Integration

Q2 & Q3 2019

DSP Integration



Anas Adhami

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Englander

Chief Product

Marcia Hales

Chief Operations Officer

Christian Gartner

Chief Financial Officer



How do I utilize Knowledge tokens within your system?

Players & Users Earn Tokens

A fun and easy way to compete for knowledge, gain recognition for it, and be rewarded. Take it to the next level and become a Knowledge Star on the Seller Marketplace for products and services that fall within your areas of expertise.

Advertisers & Sellers Spend and Earn Tokens

  • Showcase key attributes of your products and discover Knowledge Stars who will promote your brand.
  • Proven and trusted knowledge experts can influence the opinion of your brand, products, services, or solutions. Let them be your voice. Send them your product to review, have them do unboxing videos, installation videos, product reviews, etc. and reward them for lifting sales with your buyers in the Marketplace.
  • Discover never before available opportunities to engage consumers within different stages of the Knowledge Funnel.
  • Understand your customers better and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Discover knowledge trends and gain competitive insights vs. other brands.
  • Sponsor and author knowledge competitions about your brand, company, new product releases to generate interest with a variety of audiences at any or all knowledge levels.
  • Develop and measure intent among potential buyers by appealing to the players’ psychographics.
  • Conduct realtime, mass focus group research on target audiences incorporating level of knowledge into the equation.
  • Run conditional path ads based on previous responses so that the conversation is more meaningful and personalized, while simultaneously developing the ability to retarget based on these understandings.
  • Spend money on people, not bots.

Partners Earn Tokens

Reward your players, customers, and visitors with Knowledge tokens and earn revenue. Gain insights into your audiences at the knowledge level. Offer products and services from our advertisers within your games, websites, apps, etc.

Are Knowledge tokens the sole means of a payment inside the system? How will you attract new fiat money to the system after the ico is finished?

Yes, only Knowledge tokens are used inside the system as the exclusive method of payment. Advertisers who wish to advertise on the platform must purchase a digital currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum from an exchange in order to convert to Knowledge tokens for use on the platform. Advertisers are increasingly holding the major currencies like Bitcoin, and during their onboarding process to the platform, they are given explicit instructions on how to convert from fiat to a digital currency. Additionally, they can contact our support staff 24/7 and we are there to assist them.

Why is the knowledge ecosystem revolutionary?

  • Targeting users and communicating an appropriate message at scale based on deterministic data regarding knowledge level about a topic or set of topics has not been achievable in the history of marketing.
  • Rewarding people for their knowledge at scale has not been achievable in the past.
  • Understanding the knowledge level of a user about topics in the context of selling products is an improvement on the current ecommerce reviews and ratings model. By sharing your knowledge with the community, you enable better purchasing decisions within the community and improved buyer satisfaction.

What are your product's key differences to your competitors?

  • Most ad tech platforms build personas on people based on consumption of content. The Knowledge ecosystem adds a new dimension to this data by scoring the knowledge level of people about topics, allowing advertisers to engage with people in a more effective way by customizing the messaging to people based on knowing where the user is within the knowledge funnel. The knowledge funnel is a concept that allows advertisers to understand the level of knowledge or skill of their audience and target ads to them based on these attributes.
  • Our Q&Ads platform is used to measure the knowledge level of the user by measuring correctness, incorrectness, the amount of engagement and score, and/or intent in cases where there is no correct or incorrect answer, as well as absence of knowledge and/or lack of measurement, with a topic or set of topics. All of this data is built into our private blockchain, accessible to partners on the ads platform, and via analysis of the blockchain, partners and advertisers can analyze timeseries data to see how knowledge level increases over time with a topic, adding yet another dimension to the data that can be used in the highly advanced computational advertising platforms available today.
  • Additionally, the blockchain solution solves a major problem in the ad tech space, that of fraud and bots.  Statistical outliers are quickly discovered, and there is a greater risk to partners who either unknowingly or willingly permit this sort of activity in attempt to earn Knowledge tokens on the platform.  There are many ways that analyzing correct and incorrect answers can limit the potential for fraud, and where identity can be verified.
  • At some point, knowledge token holders will want to spend their tokens in the marketplace, in which case their identity will be confirmed in order to ship product to them, and/or view their token balance in which case their identity will be validated, and/or they will want to sell their tokens on an exchange, in which case they will need to go through an identity verification process.
  • Users are also encouraged to become Knowledge Stars on behalf of advertiser products in the marketplace, system that far outweighs the aggregate, random reviewer because these Knowledge Stars have provided proof in the form or correct answers about topics related to those brands, products, services, and/or solutions.  On the workforce side of things, this also works with skills, where the products are jobs, the advertisements are measurement of skill, and the brand is the employer.
  • Finally, our system rewards users for sharing their data, and unlike the platforms today that collect, analyze and use this data to sell advertising without rewarding the user, our users earn Knowledge.

How big is your customer base?

At launch of our platform, we have a customer base of 5 million MAU through our partnership with our premiere partner GamingGrids. We expect to have a user base of 250,000 MAU on Trivia Spar within the first 6 months of launch. As we add partners via our planned SDK and APIs, the user base will grow, and when we deploy via the programmatic ad exchanges, the user base will grow exponentially.