Anas Adhami
Anas Adhami
Chief Executive Officer

Anas Adhami brings over 24 years of IT infrastructure strategy, architecture and business alignment to clients in the manufacturing, high-tech, telecom, financial services and hospitality sectors. He advises his clients on data center strategies and technologies, disaster recovery and IT cost reduction. Anas led numerous, high impact, transformational and global IT projects, with a track record of building client trust by delivering results and business value.

As a thought leader, Anas authored and developed point-of-views, white papers, frameworks and roadmaps. He played the role of the trusted advisor with senior IT leadership and CIOs.


Steven Englander
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Steven Englander is a product innovator focusing on ad tech, ecommerce, education, workforce, and blockchain technology. He finds inspiration in decentralization technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and is keen on applying these and similar platforms to build decentralized knowledge sharing networks and applications. He is an active member and supporter of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), and is focused on the decentralized future of consumer and workforce economic models by transplantation of blockchains into existing ecosystems.

Marcia Hales
Chief Operations Officer

Marcia Hales has created a number of businesses in Utah, Colorado and Ohio.  She owned and managed several restaurants, including four in Park City, Utah, the first of which was awarded a Wine Spectator award during the entire life of the restaurant.  Ms. Hales was also the founder and co-owner of a food preparation franchise that grew to over 60 locations in more than twenty states before the business was sold to a competitor.  She remains the owner of all of this franchise’s intellectual property.  She also initiated businesses in Ohio in various non-food oriented service industries, including graphic design and consulting. Experiences with venture capitalists, auditors, investment bankers; her knowledge is broad and deep. Most recently, as a business advisor with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative, Ms. Hales worked directly with 38 business owners over the course of one year. Her entrepreneurial expertise was invaluable to her business owners as they identified a growth opportunity and executed a growth plan. Currently, Ms. Hales is a contractor and owner at Morland Partners, offering residential and commercial solutions for all types and sizes of projects.

Christian Gartner
Chief Financial Officer

Christian Gartner joined Everstream in August 2016 as Chief Financial Officer with responsibilities for leading the financial management of the company, including the administration and reconciliation of Everstream’s investment portfolio, asset/liability system and other financial activities. With more than 25 years of experience, Christian served as CFO for a decade in telecommunications and spent 10 years with a $4.5 billion multinational transportation company. He has assisted with numerous acquisitions and divestitures, helping to finance nearly $6 billion in deals to date. Christian holds an MBA in Finance from Xavier University and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Miami University. He also is a Certified Public Accountant. He joined the IKL team as CFO and manages financials and contracts.

Bryan Ramirez
Principal Software Architect
Rommel Castro
Sr. Software Engineer
Adriel Diaz
Full Stack Engineer
Diego Solano
Front End/UI Engineer
Sebastian Valladares
Director of Projects
George Kimionis

George studied Computer Systems Engineer at UMIST and served as a Special Forces Commando in the Army. He has a good expertise in the creation of Financial and Trading software, having participated in large-scaled projects since day one, such as the creation of real-time Trading, Analysis and Risk-Management software for Banking & Brokerage Institutions, Anti-Money-Laundering software for Banks and Brokers, Live Results’ software for the Olympic Games, Trading and Exchange software for Forex Brokers, Online Betting software for Bookmakers and Betting Exchanges, Image Processing units, Automated Task Allocation units for Universities and interactive e-learning software for handicapped people, to name a few. He participated in the making of 4 start-up companies (co-founded 2) before his 30s and is now working passionately on his new venture.

Jay Komas
Business Affairs, Brand Studio
Denise Tayloe
Bridget Bidlack
SVP Product
Movable Ink

Bridget Bidlack is an accomplished product leader with deep expertise in digital marketing. She’s had a diverse career, holding technical and leadership roles at large corporations, including, IBM, Microsoft & Experian, as well as innovative startups such as Bluestreak, [x+1] & Movable Ink. Throughout her career, Bridget has delivered enterprise products with exceptional customer experiences and company value. She’s an enthusiastic leader accomplished in scaling and building high-performance teams through organizational design, recruiting and developing top talent.

Bridget currently holds the position of senior vice president of product at Movable Ink in New York city where she leads the ongoing vision and development for Movable Ink’s Intelligent Content platform. Well recognized as both a technology and business leader, she was named one of the “Most Influential Women in the Bay Area” by the San Francisco Business Times in 2015, and one of “12 stars of ad tech who are building the future of the industry” by AdWeek in 2014. Bridget holds an MS in information systems science from Salve Regina University and a BBA in business computer information systems from Hofstra University

Ted Shergalis
Brad Mehl
Founder & CEO

Brad Mehl has 20 years of management experience at data-driven companies in software, B2B marketplaces, e-commerce, education, business information and analytics.  He is the founder and CEO of Lively, an engagement and analytics platform that increases ROI of live events. As Vice President of Marketing at Penton, a $400MM+ business information company, he led a digital marketing transformation that helped position the company for an exit of $1.6 billion. At leading B2B marketplaces, he was General Manager of and Head of Specialty Products at LexisNexis, which had a combined 60,000 customers. In the 1990’s he led marketing and international operations at CDnow, an e-commerce pioneer acquired by, which he helped grow from early stage to $100MM in revenue.  Brad is a board member of the Software & Information Industry Association (Software Division).  He has an MBA from New York University and B.S. from Cornell.

Ryan Rule-Hoffman
Blockchain Advisor

Ryan has been involved with the cryptocurrency space for over five years and has an in depth understanding of the underlying protocols and mining processes used by various cryptocurrencies. He has worked on multiple software projects relating to cryptocurrency mining, including local software for distributing work to connected USB ASIC miners as well as backend software to power large pools of miners.

Additionally, Ryan has been a part of the gaming industry for almost his entire life. In 2007, he founded and operated an online gaming platform that amounted over 30,000 registered users. He then went on to lead the backend development at YesAndGames for Adventure Guild, a full- fledged connected multiplayer tactics RPG for mobile devices. Around the same time, he co-founded Cenify, an online Internet of Things platform, with two other partners and lead development of the platform as CTO of the company. He has a B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Dana Garvey
President & CEO
Gaming Grids

Mr. Garvey currently is serving as the President and CEO of Gaming Grids LLC and Gaming Grids Wearables LLC and is in charge of the business aspects of the company, as well as direct lead in future business development and partnerships.

Dana also has an extensive reputation in the Entertainment Industry with Technicolor Entertainment as the Director of Development, as well as having been the owner and President of FN Corporation and Collocation Unlimited Corp. Mr. Garvey along with the above also possesses a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a Degree in Chemistry from UCLA.

Along with his experience in the media industry he also has a long history in the electronics and technology development industry.

John Jeries
Chief Information Officer
Benedictine University

John Jeries is the Chief Information Officer at Benedictine University in Lisle IL.  John served as the CIO at St. Catherine University for 11 years before accepting a call to join Benedictine University.  He has been in this role for the last nineteen years managing various size IT organizations with large projects and deals with multitude of technology vendors.

Mr. Jeries has a Bachelor degree with majors in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.  He also earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is an ABD for a doctoral degree in Computer Science.

One aspect of his work is to increase efficiency and stretch the purchasing power, he re-negotiated many existing contracts to reduce cost (sometimes as much as 80%) as well as solicit alternative vendors or technologies to replace expensive obsolete systems.  The integration of technology into all aspects of work allowed the organizations he served to increase productivity and efficiencies while providing better services to customers and better work place for employees.

Tim McDougall
MarTech Advisor & IKL

Tim McDougall is the co-founder and President of 50-Pound Boson, a growth hacking and strategic growth marketing agency in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

50-Pound Boson works primarily with early stage / emerging companies to build ecommerce funnels for physical products and apps. Among his other duties, Tim often functions as a “CMO-for-hire” for these businesses to help build up their marketing and revenue growth functions.

His past experience includes major corporate innovation and turnaround efforts as Publisher and VP of Strategic Innovation for The Gazette Company in Cedar Rapids, CMO for P. F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc., CMO for the New Orleans Hornets, VP/Marketing for the Houston Rockets, Vice President of GSD&M Advertising, and Senior Brand Manager for Miller Brewing Company.

His background includes extensive experience in new product development, traditional and digital media, brand development, consumer research, corporate innovation, digital transformation, ecommerce, publishing, and pretty much anything else involved in developing and moving products through consumer markets.

Along the way, he launched an earlier agency, helped design an NBA uniform, promoted boxing matches, launched a frozen food line, taught kids how to code using Minecraft, and was (proudly) yelled at by then NBA Commissioner David Stern.

Prior to launching 50-Pound Boson, Tim was the founder and president of BuiltByLocal Ventures, a media-for-equity venture fund startup in Cedar Rapids, and he has been heavily involved in the startup community as a mentor, founder, and supporter since 2011.

Alfred Jordan
Strategic Advisor

Risk Management Solutions. Past experience. Professional, Specialized Program Developer for Oil Industry • Underwriter for Energy Industry at the largest property-casualty insurer in the world • Financial Modeling Asbestos Abatement Industry • Risk Manager at Fortune 500 Company • Contract Design and Manuscript for Professional Liability Underwriter • Underwriter for Financial Guarantees and Performance Bonds• Created and operated a National Program for Abatement and Bonds • Owned and operated three Specialist Insurance Agencies• Pro Bono Consultant to the Governor of Florida on Workers Compensation • Developed Supplemental Income Resources for the National Health Insurance Agency System • SUNY New Paltz (BA) • Boston University(MBA) • Fordham University• University of Nicosia (Digital Currency Certificate) • Bitcoin – Blockchain Insurance and Security Gap Consultant Bitcoin Standards Development Organizations • Renewable Energy • Social and Economic Development For Underserved People • Continuing Mission: Wellbeing In All Things, spiritual and temporal.

Nick Cote
Crypto Advisor
Sean Brizendine
Blockchain Advisor

In 2009 joined Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and quickly became a Team Leader working directly with CEO Richard Gage, AIA. Received an Assistant Editors Credit from his work in helping to make the Award Winning Documentary ‘Experts Speak Out’ voted the most viewed Documentary on PBS National History in 2011 and still sells on iTunes and rents on Netflix to this day. Fact checked the Most Controversial Comic Book of 2011 according to USA Today by Marvel Comics artist Rick Veitch ‘ The Big Lie’. In 2011 began researching Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain Technology it runs on. Operated one of the early Bitcoin blogs that focused on Mining both as a hobby and for profit. Volunteered at a popular CryptoCurrency forum in 2013-2014 as a moderator securing solid working relationships with early adopters and famous developers. Participated in Netcoin and was well known for bringing in an Emmy Award Winning Artist Joe Jones to illustrate the Coin Image and contributed to Netcoin reaching a $6 Million Market Cap in its first 100 days. Assisted in the launching of numerous Alternative CryptoCurrencies for research and was given a 5+ POD Rating by the CryptoAsian. Received BSA-e approval from US Treasury FinCEN. Consulted on Business Development at The Vanbex Group. Helped with development along with the $800k raise selling Crypto Memberships over a 25 day Crowdfund on Bittrex Exchange as part of the ‘LegendsRoom’ Las Vegas Project. Current Advisory Board Members projects are ‘LegendsRoom,’ ‘ArabianChain,’’LegalCoin’, ‘LOCI Project’, ‘ BlockMedx’‘ HydrogenFuel Coin’ a ‘Bitcoin/Ether Shapeshift Type Trustless Decentralized Exchange in Kuwait,’ and ‘Polly Patient. However prefer to spend most time researching and helping others pro-bono achieve their full potential within their Blockchain Technology related projects.

Ryan Seaver
AdTech Advisor & IKL

Ryan Seaver has been working at the forefront of Digital Media and AdTech for over ten years. He has experience across all facets of the online ad ecosystem including both Demand and Supply Side Platforms, Local to International Agencies, Performance to Brand Initiatives, Social Product Development, and First- and Third-Party Data Providers. Ryan is fascinated by the quick expansion of blockchain and its many use cases to benefit all parties involved like preventing ad fraud and also properly measuring valuable information on your exposed audience.