Blog: How Educational Institutions Can Engage Alumni Through

Blog: How Educational Institutions Can Engage Alumni Through

Blog: How Educational Institutions Can Engage Alumni Through


Alumni are an important part of a university’s community. Successful former students add value to a campus in many ways, including hiring graduates, increasing enrolments, giving donations and promoting the institution.

But many colleges aren’t doing a great job of engaging alumni beyond calling and emailing for donations. One Access Development study in 2016 found that 10 percent of alumni do not want to be solicited for donations.

There’s a better way to keep alumni engaged. Through, universities and other educational institutions can showcase experts who have walked through their doors, while leveraging them as speakers or mentors to prospective students. Moreover, alumni can use the Knowledge platform to convey their expertise in a variety of subjects. Universities can track these individuals and their areas of expertise, which can be key in attracting top students, professors, new donors and visiting scholars.

The platform gives colleges new ways of marketing their institution. For example, administrators can position their school as a top destination for a variety of fields such as chemistry, aerospace engineering, advertising or biology. And schools can validate their claims by identifying Knowledge Stars who have successfully completed, designed or taught their curriculum.

The education industry is a $2 trillion global industry, according to Marcia Hales, a co-founder. And it’s ripe for disruption.

But universities often lose touch with their alumni as they relocate to other cities around the world. It’s easier to reach out and stay in touch when you’ve identified who the influencers are.

Universities like to invite alumni to be guest speakers. But many of these individuals are chosen based on achievements, professional awards or groundbreaking research. However, many subject matter experts don’t necessarily work in fields that give out prestigious awards, yet they clearly possess domain expertise in a certain niche. can make that type of outreach easier. Educational institutions can look up an alumni database, see who’s a top expert in a particular area, and start a conversation regarding how an alumni can contribute to the university community.

For instance, a Knowledge Star may be versed in the medical profession. Thus, it could be appropriate for the school to invite the expert to participate in a panel, teach a class, design a curriculum, or donate to a scholarship fund. When former students stay engaged, they can make regular contributions that keep the school community vibrant.

The engagement can also help students as they transition to the workforce. Students with high Knowledge Scores can be recruited by alumni who are searching for experts in a certain niche. Students can reach out to mentors who can provide valuable career advice.

Today’s innovations are poised to disrupt the education industry, and it’s key for universities to adapt. People now consume information and share knowledge beyond the classroom. The Knowledge platform can help educators to leverage expertise and engagement so they can better accomplish their mission.


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