Blog: How Rewards People For Showing A True Mastery Of A Subject

Blog: How Rewards People For Showing A True Mastery Of A Subject

Blog: How Rewards People For Showing A True Mastery Of A Subject

Knowledge typically doesn’t lead to financial rewards until after graduation, when one finds a job. But believes that proven experts should be able to immediately earn crypto tokens for giving stakeholders, such as consumers or marketers, valuable information.

It’s no surprise that market influencers tend to earn substantial rewards for their expertise. Because of a competitive marketplace, brands are rewarding influencers for their product knowledge, and for their subsequent ability to steer consumers toward certain products and services. For instance, successful retailers often get significant referral traffic on the web.

Rewarding experts for sharing their knowledge can be supported by the blockchain, which stores and validates data. People generally like to help others — the incentives provide a boost. Tokens enable marketers and advertisers to pay product experts and/or influencers for educating consumers, or even for improving their campaigns. can improve the education process in industries such as digital advertising, marketing, ecommerce and education. It recalibrates how knowledge rewards individuals for displaying subject mastery. After all, a high level of understanding of a given topic is valuable to someone, somewhere.

So why not identify topical experts using traditional channels?

Academic institutions don’t cover countless topics, including cryptos and blockchain. And they have varying standards, making it difficult for observers to determine what an A grade really means. Freelance platforms are full of scams. And many independent contractors who post their services on these sites distort their profiles and other information. The vetting process is questionable, at best.

What about Amazon or other large commercial sites? It’s difficult for consumers to trust their product reviews. These are often posted by strangers, competitors, non-experts or salespeople trying to advance an agenda. Thus, the information can be tainted or invalid, or both.

Even a licensed professional may not have passed their board certification in years or decades. That means that, even with licensure, a well-known industry professional may not know key advancements or innovation in his field.

The platform is a blockchain-supported community that facilitates greater exchange between validated experts and knowledge seekers who are vested in a wide range of topics. The vetting process inspires confidence that knowledge sharers know what they’re talking about. (Experts are measured with, and validated by, Knowledge Scores.)

“By rewarding people with KNW tokens, we are able to provide a decentralized knowledge sharing ecosystem where knowledge flows between advertisers, partners, and users for the benefit of the entire community’s decision making in areas such as commerce, education, and employment,” says Marcia Hales, a co-founder.

Incentives, like the KNW token, can grow the ecosystem. Moreover, developed economies are saturated with noise, and there’s a growing need to identify information sources that advance, not hinder, the conversation.

Forward-thinking organizations are at work to leverage knowledge producers to improve audience engagement, consumer education and business practices. There are ways in which the platform can facilitate the exchange of insights, testimonials, user education and feedback. It can function as an open network of identified experts that help audiences and improve their understanding of almost any topic.

Acquiring knowledge is an age-old pursuit, and a noble one. In the modern age, scholars can attain more immediate rewards to support themselves, even as they continue to expand their horizons.

Authors: Marvin Dumont, Brian O’Connell and the Team

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