Blog: Why Experts Will Love Monetizing Their Knowledge

Blog: Why Experts Will Love Monetizing Their Knowledge

Blog: Why Experts Will Love Monetizing Their Knowledge


Jobs are changing. Since 1959, when management guru Peter Drucker first used the term “knowledge workers,” more Americans work in occupations that rely on expertise and knowledge rather than physically creating goods.

The Wall Street Journal points out that the number of occupations with “cognitive tasks that aren’t routine” is rising higher than ever. But employees are still being rewarded based on what they do, rather than what they know.

The Knowledge Star program is designed to change that. As people answer questions on the platform and demonstrate expertise in a given topic, their Knowledge Score increases. Once a user is vetted and validated as a subject matter expert, they become a Knowledge Star.

A Knowledge Star gains opportunities because they are recognized as domain experts and/or influencers whose advice are deemed valuable by stakeholders such as advertisers, marketers, retailers and others.

People can now be immediately rewarded for their knowledge. When users or experts share insights, they can earn tokens to save, trade or spend on goods and services in a seller’s marketplace. Anyone with domain expertise a niche area – mathematics, marketing, history or automotive – can be rewarded with tokens. It’s an arrangement that’s a win-win for both sender and recipient of information.

For example, a car manufacturer might make a particular type of panel, or engine modification. That company can easily search verified automotive experts on the platform for consultation; to review products and services; or to improve a marketing campaign.

The message or data exchange is targeted towards the right people, and Knowledge Stars earn tokens for the effort they put in.

There are more ways to make money. Businesses can start relationships with Knowledge Stars, giving them products to review or exclusive pieces of news. Knowledge Stars will give businesses more credibility than traditional social media influencers, who rely on popularity – rather than expertise – for their following.

This way, businesses can rest assured Knowledge Stars actually know what they’re talking about – and they’ll attract followers who know what they’re talking about as well.

The platform allows businesses to easily look up experts in specific areas. This gives them a benefit too: They can see how knowledgeable people are about their industry, products and services. This insight can serve as the basis for customer segmentation, messaging, social media management, and the optimizing of marketing campaigns.

Some organizations that use gamification tend to rely on rewards that are internal or that rely on completing a large project. However, gamification can immediately reward an ongoing learning process instead of awarding bonuses after a few months when a big project is completed. Gamification can boost motivation when users value a particular subject and believe it holds long-term importance.

Knowledge Stars are rewarded for being experts in topics they already know, and for helping others leverage their insights.

Authors: Marvin Dumont, Patrick Stafford and the Team

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