Knowledge Blockchain Integration

The Knowledge Ecosystem is up and running with thousands of users participating daily. The data accumulated via engagement in the Knowledge Ecosystem, is now being logged on CORTEX, Knowledge’s v1.0 Blockchain. In version 1.0, CORTEX has begun recording interactions in TriviaSpar as transactions on the blockchain. Soon CORTEX will record interactions from KnowledgeBot, in addition to more transaction types being recorded.

CORTEX: The Knowledge Blockchain

Measuring each synapse in the Knowledge Ecosystem


Transactions Recorded on CORTEX To Date


CORTEX Blockchain Integrated

TriviaSpar is new trivia mobile app available for download on Google Play, and Apple App Store. TriviaSpar contains over 19 million objective fact based trivia questions sourced from several data partners. Questions in the TriviaSpar app range across hundreds of categories from pop-culture, to movies, to geography, to professional questions like coding. Interactions within TriviaSpar are now being logged on the CORTEX Blockchain. Transactions recorded include questions answered, in future updates more variables will be recorded including tokens distributed, questions answered correctly, and more!

The KnowledgeScore

Recording on the blockchain – Coming Soon

The heart of the Knowledge Ecosystem is our innovative method of competency rating called the KnowledgeScore. A brand new way for people to prove what they know by answering questions, and have them verified and recorded using blockchain technology. Our technology will be able to deliver those questions to millions of users through our ecosystem, and partner apps. Soon the KnowledgeScore will be integrated and recording on the CORTEX Blockchain.