Knowledge Welcomes Denise Tayloe to Advisory Board

As part of our growing team, Knowledge is proud to officially announce the addition of Denise Tayloe, CEO of Privo to the advisory board.

Denise G. Tayloe has become a recognized leader and authority in customer identity and consent management and has been an invited speaker on the subject at conferences regarding children’s privacy issues across the globe.

In early 2001, Tayloe co-founded Privo as she was inspired by the opportunity and challenges of implementing the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Her vision for PRIVO is to help consumers manage their digital identities and to create a software driven service that would help companies effectively interact with children while in compliance with federal and state laws.

In her advisory engagement with Knowledge, we believe Denise will be pivotal in building the bridge between the Knowledge ecosystem and the educational use case. Companies seeking to explore the educational space, need to have the right advisement in navigating the strict protections and regulations regarding schools and children. There are few people in the world that could assist and advise Knowledge on entering the education space than Denise Tayloe. We look forward to implementation of the educational case, and broadening Knowledge’s horizons with Denise Tayloe.