How does the Knowledge Platform Work

The Knowledge Platform contains a number of different components working in conjunction with each other, all of which generate value from users participating in the platform and proving and sharing their knowledge. With a growing database of several million facts that can be proven true or false across millions of different topics, users from all walks of life can participate in the platform. Power users can apply to become Knowledge Stars, influencers on the platform who can generate additional tokens for sharing their knowledge with the community through blogs and audiovisual content.

Online brands and retailers can import their catalogs of products into the Seller Marketplace for the users to be able to buy their products with the Knowledge tokens they have earned by participating in the platform.

One of the key use cases of Knowledge tokens is earning them via the platform, or third party apps and software utilizing the Knowledge Score. This can range from consumer games and apps to e-learning or knowledge sharing applications in corporate or academic environments. By regularly participating in the platform, users can earn tokens which can be redeemed against a wide catalog of items.

These products and services will be supplied by advertisers and e-commerce websites that want to integrate with the Knowledge platform and take advantage of the platform’s robust knowledge base. Advertisers contribute their products and services to the Seller Marketplace where users can spend their tokens to buy those products and services. Advertisers can also reward Knowledge Stars with expert tokens for recommending and helping to merchandise their products to the community by providing expert reviews, ratings, and video content.

Brands that get involved to utilize Knowledge tokens can quickly identify, connect and interact with users who have proven their knowledge in a particular topic through a skill scoring trivia game. This level of targeting isn’t available with other platforms which instead focus on prior behavior (ie clicks/searches), and will be exclusive to the Knowledge Platform.

Some of the potential types of collaboration include public reviews, unboxing and sponsorship opportunities to promote and generate strong brand awareness,

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