KNW Token Weekly Update — Upcoming Knowledge Account Release v1.0!

KNW Token Weekly Update — Upcoming Knowledge Account Release v1.0!

The past few weeks have been exciting here at as we have expanded the development scope of the Knowledge Account. The account functionality has become more robust by including several key functionalities of one of the first parts of the Knowledge Ecosystem; the KnowledgeBot.

Due to the initial success of our KnowledgeBot pilots, and the 200,000+ Telegram users engaging with the trivia quiz daily, we have added functionality to the Knowledge Accounts for tracking engagement rewards. Our participating pilots are all ICOs that have either ERC-20, Waves-NG, or Stellar tokens which are being rewarded to Telegram users who are engaging with those quizzes daily. Those rewards will now display in the History tab of the Knowledge Account. Additionally, the KnowledgeBot and the subsequent Knowledge Scores that have been generated by trivia quiz players have been integrated into the Knowledge Account!

To create a Knowledge Account before the initial release, please sign up here:

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