What is Knowledge.io

The Knowledge team are proud to announce the launch of the upcoming initial Token Sale for their blockchain-based platform and marketplace for building and trading of trusted data intelligence. The Knowledge Score platform will use data collected, along with identity verifications, and an accuracy scoring mechanism, to reveal true results all markets would be interested to utilize.

The Knowledge Score is an adaptable part of the Knowledge blockchain, which will allow companies and individuals to prove their knowledge in specific areas, and have this information used for market research about groups of people with proven knowledge on a particular topic. Going beyond the normal advertising targeting options, this will allow groups of users to connect with businesses they are interested in, and vice versa.

The Knowledge Platform utilizes the Ethereum ERC-20 Smart Contract standard. As the platform develops, there will be a wide range of applications for the token, but to begin with, it can be used to purchase advertising using the Knowledge targeting methods, as well as by participating in the Trivia Spar quiz app, which utilizes the Knowledge Score and enables players to score themselves in a number of areas of expertise.

The core principle behind the Knowledge token is a rewards score system that recognizes and acknowledges experts in particular sectors. The token will be used as part of the patent-pending Knowledge Score, an algorithm based platform that aggregates the level of know-how whether it is an individual with the expertise in certain topics and industries that many of the advertisers want to target, or enterprises that are interested in utilizing this data.

As the platform is built using blockchain technology, this provides an immutable record of people’s skills and enables a brand new type of ecosystem that works well for both advertisers and those being advertised to. Advertisers can use it to reach those who they know are in their target market in real-time, and members of the public can receive tokens for their interaction with the questions advertisers want to ask them about directly.

For members of the public, they will have a few options to use their tokens. They can hold them on the platform, withdraw them to their ethereum wallets, spend it on advertising, or use tokens to purchase from a large catalog of real-life rewards in the Knowledge Wallet.

Knowledge tokens aren’t mined through the standard cryptographic hashing method, instead through the knowledge contribution of the participants. The more the audience contribute answers to the questions presented on the Knowledge Score, the more KNW tokens are generated. A proportional amount of the tokens mined is then provided to the participant for their contribution.

You can find out more about Knowledge token and our development roadmap by visiting our main website and joining the mailing list at Knowledge.io, reading our Whitepaper, following us on Twitter @KnowledgeToken, liking us on Facebook, and subscribing to our YouTube channel. You can register at https://tokens.knowledge.io/ to see the token sale site, and get an affiliate link.

Haven’t found the answer to one of your questions in the FAQ? You can always reach out directly to the Knowledge.io team: The Knowledge.io telegram group is manned by core members of the team!